Problem solving on private and business matters – neutral, confidential, efficient

ManagerSOS Detectiv Network is one of the leading companies for international secret investigations on private and business matters in the world. Amongst other things we serve you in cases of commercial offenses, threatening, blackmailing, problems with spy or sabotage, kidnapping and advise you in every case of fraud-, risk- and security-management. Our number-one priority in every investigation is to restore the clients safe and problem-free live in a high professional discret way.

All of our customers are in extraordinary situations. What more than 20 years of experience have shown us is that exactly these certain situations claim for certain solutions. What we therefore guarantee is solving your individual problems by following special principles:

ManagerSOS Detectives is a global network composed by active professionals with military and police based education. In addition, our network contains established lawyers, journalists and IT-experts all over the world. We are acting worldwide, under all conditions and are ready for work within 24 hours. Our fields of operating include every continents all of the world just as crisis zones, war zones and all possible disaster areas. Mainly we are specified experts for the Middle, Near and Far East, especially for the area of South East Asia. All of the investigations are delegated and controlled by our head-offices in Frankfurt/Germany, Doha/Qatar or HongKong/China.

You can see our press references here.

Use our anonym and not binding offer to call us for receiving advices and help in your special case. All of our employees are bound to maintain highest level of discretion.

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