Detective Agency ManagerSOS Private Investigation

The ManagerSOS investigation agency does not restrict its job on business affairs. Most of the criminal acts affect both a client’s business and private life. Perpetrators pressurize victims with violence or secret informations so those do not know how to deal with it until there very existence is in danger. Often especially private people don’t want to go to official institutions. If you as a private person do not know how to react in such situations, ManagerSOS private agency can be your perfect partner. ManagerSOS private agents solve problems for private person whatever social milieu they are since more than 20 years. ManagerSOS private agency knows how to deal with blackmailing, kidnapping, psych terror attacks, stalking and cheating. We know how to prevent character assassination and prove the truth if you got frauden.

The ManagerSOS private agency employees especially trained private investigators which fit to your individual issue. Whoever we put on your investigation depends on the special circumstances of your case. But ManagerSOS agency guarantees that all of our private detectives are best prepared for your job and ready to go in between 24 hours. During any investigation, our clients receive consultation continually. The aim of all our investigations is to restore a safe life without any security issues for our clients and their relatives without gaining any public attention.

The ManagerSOS private agency offers a free Hotline where private and business men have the possibility to receive first advice concerning their individual issue. As you wish we are able to give you a first idea of how to handle your problem. As a caller you stay completely anonym and your call will not be recorded. All of our employees are bound to maintain confidentality.