ManagerSOS international investigation agency for private and business security issues

ManagerSOS detective agency deals with security management just as with crisis-management, risc-management, fraud-management and due diligence. The ManagerSOS’s range of operation includes transporting high sensitive documents, resque your children when they got hijacked and in addition, all terms of issues linked to threatening, blackmailing, spying and sabotage and any further issues linked to corruption and crime.



Business Investigation

For more then 20 years the ManagerSOS detective agents are experts of business investigation. Dozens of companies, managers and political leaders already profited and still profit from ManagerSOS’s network and knowledge in terms of compliance-management, fraud-management and risk-management as well as Due Diligence. We do not mention any concrete references to garantee anonymity but you can find further information like tv and radio reports concering our work here.

The ManagerSOS Business detectives are police and military based professional security Investigators functioning in a wide range of different jobs in security and business management worldwide. ManagerSOS investigation agents are specialized in dealing with sensitive data and our work is subject to the strictest security conditions. The main job of ManagerSOS business investigation agency is to deal with issues of threatening and blackmailing of political and business leaders just as any issues with dishonest business partners and the management of handling scandals and affairs. In addition, our working field includes the effective prevention of a wide variety of criminal delicts just as industrial and business espionage, corruption, fraud or counterfeiting. Also, the ManagerSOS business agency offers an extensive analysis of risk level and weak spots of your company, institution or employees.

The business detectives of the ManagerSOS network continually work all over the world. Our agents are specialists for undercover investigations even in war or crisis zones and are familiar with the reality of organized crime. The ManagerSOS agents will find an adequate way to solve our clients problem quickly and efficiently.

ManagerSOS business agency offers a free Hotline where private and business people have the possibility to receive a first hand advice on how to deal with their private issues. In addition, we are able to give you a first recommendation on managing your private issue as soon as possible. As a caller you stay anonym and your call will not be recorded. All employees are bound to maintain a one hundred percent quote of discretion and professionalism to solve your issue.

Private Investigation

The ManagerSOS investigation agency does not restrict its job on business affairs. Most of the criminal acts affect both a client’s business and private life. Perpetrators pressurize victims with violence or secret informations so those do not know how to deal with it until there very existence is in danger. Often especially private people don’t want to go to official institutions. If you as a private person do not know how to react in such situations, ManagerSOS private agency can be your perfect partner. ManagerSOS private agents solve problems for private person whatever social milieu they are since more than 20 years. ManagerSOS private agency knows how to deal with blackmailing, kidnapping, psych terror attacks, stalking and cheating. We know how to prevent character assassination and prove the truth if you got frauden.

The ManagerSOS private agency employees especially trained private investigators which fit to your individual issue. Whoever we put on your investigation depends on the special circumstances of your case. But ManagerSOS agency guarantees that all of our private detectives are best prepared for your job and ready to go in between 24 hours. During any investigation, our clients receive consultation continually. The aim of all our investigations is to restore a safe life without any security issues for our clients and their relatives without gaining any public attention.

The ManagerSOS private agency offers a free Hotline where private and business men have the possibility to receive first advice concerning their individual issue. As you wish we are able to give you a first idea of how to handle your problem. As a caller you stay completely anonym and your call will not be recorded. All of our employees are bound to maintain confidentality.



Places of Investigation

Basically the ManagerSOS international agency on private and business matters does Investigations all over the world. The ManagerSOS special agents are able to work under the hardest and most specific cirumstances ever, undercover and just as in crisis and danger areas. All ManagerSOS special agents are coordinated by one out of three head quarters in Frankfurt, Doha or HongKong.

Investigations in Germany

ManagerSOS contact personel are spread all over Germany and available for you to work in between 24 hours. Clients can meet them in a previous chosen location after contacting the office in Frankfurt/Main. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about everything related to our work and way of investigation. You can also use our free recall service.

Investigations in Asia
The ManagerSOS international agency for private and business matters is one of the most renowned detective agencies between Europe and Asia! The ManagerSOS detectives work all over Asia for German, Asian and other international people in private and business sphere and therefore are the most competent contact for your discret investigation. The ManagerSOS agency has official investigation offices in Hongkong, Seoul, Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta. Additionally ManagerSOS international agency can fall back on services of a whole network of active agents from Asia. In every specific area we have native agents with specific knowledge concerning the country where the investigation takes place. Our employees at the offices in Frankfurt/Main, Doha, and HongKong would be glad to help you in connecting you to with a detective best in solving your problem quickly and discretly.
Since more than 15 years ManagerSOS international private and business agency is the best adress for decision-makers to ask for advice regarding security issues between Europe and Asia. Therefore, our agency is predestinated. Our biggest head-office, the ManagerSOS Ltd. Hongkong Security Company, has its first office in Asia. We have special agents living in almost all Asian countries, what means that we know the cultural and all the other specific backgrounds and conditions of Asia. We have an extensive network of partners living there, including high-ranking decision-makers and businessmen. We know how to get the neccessary information. This is why we are pioneers in terms of risk-management, fraud-management, compliance-management and due diligence controls in Asia and especially South East Asia.


Investigations in Near and Middle East / Africa

Councerning our investigations all over Asia, a large part of our work consists of investigations in arabic and african countries. Those are managed by our third-biggest head office in Doha/Qatar. The main part of investigations in the Near East, Far East and Africa is made by business investigations for european companies and related to problems of hijacking. For sure, our special trained investigators are able to speak arabic. Therefore, because of the specific cultural knowledge the ManagerSOS international agents know how to move without drawing any attention on them. For contacting one of the ManagerSOS agents in the Near and Far East or Africa please call our head-quarter in Frankfurt/Main. Contacts to other agents will be made afterwards.

War zones, crisis zones and damage areas

A large part of world crime and corruption takes place in so called damaged areas or high-risk areas. To investigate succesfully, investigations like these mostly need some special tactics. To guarantee success to our clients the ManagerSOS detective agency takes special measures depending on the circumstances of each case. None of the actions will be carried out without the consultations with our clients but also not all of them are fully legal. Sometimes you have to act in a judical grey zone in order to be succesfull. This is why our agents are experts in camouflage. Regarding this question, we ask our lawyers for special advices concerning the chosen country. ManagerSOS international agents are high-skilled experts, able to manage international missions regardless of the risk level. Informations about our clients maintains strict confidentality.


Investigation costs

How much would our investigation cost you?

ManagerSOS international detective agency for private and business matters does not have any fixed price. The costs will be calculated by our clients needs and cirumstances of the case, level of difficulty and expenditure of it. Both agent and the client set up an extensive daily rate depending on the investigation  without any hidden extra costs. For any information just ask our employees at the head-quarter in Frankfurt/Main, they will be glad to give you any further information.