Who are the actors of ManagerSOS?

The ManagerSOS Ltd. is not a detective agency in a conventional sense. What we are is a global working network composed by a large number of security- and business experts, functioning in many different fields all over the world. We employ agents with military and police based working skills as well as lawyers, journalists and IT-specialists with special educations. All of them are controlled through the head-office related to the area of the investigation. Our network guarantees you as a client an entire and high-professional solution for your individual problem with criminality or corruption.


What does ManagerSOS do for you?

Our clients are both from private and business field. We are asked for taking action when neither the police nor other offical institutions are supposed to help. Mostly, the special circumstances of our clients make them becoming a great target, reasons therefore are multiple but consequences are dire. Mostly those concern not only business field but also the private area of the affected persons and lead to a horrible damage. In this kind of situation the ManagerSOS is the ideal contact to manage your issues: Our main task is to eliminate reasons and minimize damages of all circumstances. The manner of procedure very much depends on our measure of how to deal with the situation effectively and how to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Anyway, nothing happens without consulting our clients. But in any way, the protection of our clients is our top priority. ManagerSOS’s fields of operating contain worldwide privat and business investigation in every possible case of corruption and criminality.